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Adam Hough adam at
Wed Mar 19 16:15:09 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 10:22 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
> > Bob Goodwin wrote:
> >   
> >> Can someone tell me how to go about copying the all music off an
> >> ipod and then putting some of the files onto another one?
> >>     
> >
> > Sure.  If you have gtkpod started and the ipod is showing up in the
> > left pane, you right click and select "Copy Tracks to Filesystem."
> >
> > In the dialog that opens, you browse to the directory to which you
> > want to export the music.  You can specify a format for the exported
> > files in the filename format box.  There is an unfortunate bug that
> > affects gtkpod on F8 which makes the tooltip that explains the
> > available formats disappear nearly instantly[1].  The tooltip reads:
> >
> > "Determines the filename of tracks you copy from the iPod, e.g
> > '%a/%A/%T - %t.mp3' or '%o'.  You can separate several patterns by
> > semicolons -- gtkpod will determine which one to use by the filename
> > extension given. Artist: %a, album: %A, composer: %c, title: %t,
> > genre: %G, track nr: %T, CD nr: %C, year: %Y, original filename
> > (requires extended information file): %o, current playlist: %p, the
> > character '%': %%."
> >
> > If you have mp3 and aac (mp4, m4a) tracks on the ipod, you could use
> > something like this to organize them by artist/album/tracknum-title:
> >
> > %a/%A/%T-%t.mp3;%a/%A/%T-%t.m4a;%a/%A/%T-%t.mp4
> >
> > After you've saved the contents of one ipod, you can then add those
> > files to another ipod.  Perhaps it's best to ensure that this part
> > works well first, then move on to adding files to the other ipod?
> >
> > Is the ipod you will be copying to is a newer ipod (classic, video
> > nano, touch, or iphone)?
> >
> > [1] I think this might be a gtk bug, but I've not had much luck
> >     tracking it down.  If anyone has ideas or has seen similar 
> >     problems in other gtk apps on F8, I'd love to hear about it.
> >
> >   
>     Ok, that seems to permit me to save files from the iPods using gtkpod. 
>     Playing back the files I saved seems simplest using Amarok. 
>     Unfortunately the iPod I have to experiment with this morning
>     belongs to a teen aged grandson and contains nothing but whining
>     adolescents singing, a horror to work with!
>     The files on the iPod are grouped such as "Top Rated," etc. and I
>     have only been able to copy those groups into newly created
>     directories.  I would prefer to be able to copy the entire contents
>     of the iPod in on fell swoop.  I'm still looking at that.
>     Thanks to all for your help.
>     Bob Goodwin

To extract all songs from an ipod, create a playlist that contains all
songs or select all songs on the ipod in gtkpod.  Then in gtkpod select
"file" > "Export Tracks From Database" and then select either "Selected
Playlist" or "Selected Tracks" depending one what you did earlier.

Adam Hough <adam at>

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