Two Internet connections...

Blake Hudson blake at
Wed Mar 26 19:04:42 UTC 2008

"Shotgun" or multilinking only works because the underlying layer2 
support is there by means of PPP so that your layer 3 IP address can 
send/rec twice as much data. With two independent physical connections 
and IP addresses, the best you can do is a per connection or per 
destination load balancing.

If both connections go directly into your PC, use iproute/iproute2 to 
create either two default routes or two routes, where by 1 goes to half 
of the internet and the other route goes to the other half... You won't 
double your bandwidth on web surfing or single file downloads, but 
torrents and other distributed content will be able to make use of both 


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Subject: Two Internet connections...
From: Frank Cox <theatre at>
To: fedora-list at
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 12:47:06 PM
> I do some occasional tech work for a cable TV/Internet service provider.  They
> have now offered me free services, including cable Internet.  I currently have a
> DSL service through the telephone company and, for several reasons including the
> fact that it is really unlimited service with no cap and it comes with newsgroup
> access (neither of which the cable service has), I'm not really prepared to
> give that up.
> However, since I can get a free cable Internet service too I would like to be
> able to put that to use.
> Does anyone have any good ideas for what to do with an extra cable Internet
> service?  Is there, say, a way to somehow "shotgun" two Internet services like
> you used to be able to do with dial-up modems to increase your transmission
> speed?

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