Confessions of a secret NM user

Rick Stevens ricks at
Thu Mar 27 15:14:58 UTC 2008

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Mea culpa.
> Having attacked NM (NetworkManager) unmercifully in the past,
> I now find myself completely at his (her?) mercy,
> as he/she is the only way of connecting one of my current laptop
> (with WiFi) to the real world.
> For some reason, system-config-network has been getting steadily worse
> over the last few months, and now does not work at all.
> (At its best it worked about 65% of the time.)
> Is anyone successfully using the network service + system-config-network
> with Fedora-8 (updated)?
> To be more precise, has anyone found themselves NOT connected with WiFi,
> and found the problem solved by running system-config-network?

Yes.  Easily 95% of my systems are hard-wired and use system-config-
network (well, make that "service network start").  They're all using
fixed IPs, though.

I've only used NM/NMD on very rare occasions.  Even my laptop on wifi
with WPA nodes and DHCP uses the regular stuff.  I did have to sort out
wpa_supplicant and dhclient things, but that wasn't hard to do.
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