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  On Tue, Jan 1, 2002 at 3:45 AM, Timothy Payne <tim at> wrote:

    This is from a Windows XP Pro aplication log file

    I did not set it up
    It was done in the background
    It was done by remote
    No alarms or messages were made just this:

    Event Type: Warning
    Event Source: WinMgmt
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 5603
    Date:  3/22/2008
    Time:  7:43:38 PM
    Computer: TIM
    A provider, Rsop Planning Mode Provider, has been registered in the WMI
    namespace, root\RSOP, but did not specify the HostingModel property.  This
    provider will be run using the LocalSystem account.  This account is
    privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it does not
    correctly impersonate user requests.  Ensure that provider has been reviewed
    for security behavior and update the HostingModel property of the provider
    registration to an account with the least privileges possible for the
    required functionality.

    He copies: My Documents, all web pages, contacts, and trash.  The remote
    user collects the data from a database on the machine, and you never it's
    going on unless you notice 20 UDP packets go through your network for no


  This  is a windows problem and i don't think anyone here cares. Please stop hitting the FEDORA LIST with bullshit traffic

  I'm sorry, I just assumed that almost every network had one XP box, and that would be a problem because he will wait as long as it takes to get the box he wants.  And this dose get in Fedora and other Linux OS.  So wouldn't it be smart to find out how XP is shreadded and make your Linux box ready?  Or is that just Bullshit?

  No good deed goes unpunished.  No I won't answer any questions now.
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