meeting server software

Claude Jones cjones at
Fri Mar 28 15:30:45 UTC 2008

Can anyone give me leads on internet meeting software? 
I'm looking for open-source alternatives to our Windows 
Linktivity software --
multi-point desktop sharing - we currently can do meetings of up 
to 15 participants with one host sharing his desktop to all 
control transfer - the host should be able to hand over control 
of the meeting to another participant - he should be able to 
manipulate the original host's desktop, or, share his
audio and live video sharing for teleconferencing would be a 
major plus - our current software is supposed to be able to do 
that, but it's so ineffective that we just forget about live 
video most of the time, and use telephone conference calls for 
the audio portion

any reports on real world use would be greatly appreciated - 
packages that work on Redhat derived products, whether CENTOS or 
Fedora obviously are my biggest interest
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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