Installing OpenOffice from OpenOffice Website

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Fri Mar 28 17:10:29 UTC 2008

Mustafa Qasim wrote:
>     I have always only used their version since *fedora also hack out
>     bits of openoffice code they dont want in for their as per usual
>     political BS*, so using OO directly from OO you actually get the
>     complete full OpenOffice, it alsoc performs more smoothly I've found.
> Hey buddy what does it mean...? Does packaging software for Fedora mean 
> that we didn't get the real flavor of that software but a 
> censored/edited one?
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I have used both and there are some code changes between the two.

Presently I am using the Fedora released version but only going to wait 
a short time for OOo 2.4 as some features that I can use.

Some of the tweaks in Fedora's OOo are for the better.  One is sound 
support.  This uses the native tools.  The official OOo requires Java 
Media Framework to work with sound on Linux.  This burned me one weekend.

There was a thread some time ago on the number of changes between the 
official and Fedora releases.  This raised the question about changes to 
other programs provided in Fedora and where to find a list of the 
add/missing bits for each program.

Making the choice may mean testing both.  You can install both and have 
both running at the same time.  I have had four different versions on my 
computer at the same time in the past.

Robin Laing

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