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Sat Mar 29 00:46:32 UTC 2008

Thomas Kappelmueller wrote:
> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Is there a reasonably-recent Fedora-oriented tutorial or howto on 
>> BackupPC anywhere on the net?
>> (I have been reading the widely-cited Debian tutorial
>> at <>.)
>> I've been backing up with a rather simple-minded rsync script,
>> but thought I'd go over to something more sophisticated.
>> I wonder what alternative backup programs people would recommend
>> for Fedora-8, and if possible for CentOS-5.1 too.
>> (Sadly, BackupPC does not seem to be available for CentOS.)
>> Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.
> I have been using "rdiff-backup" for about 1 year now.
> It does differential backups and it is very easy to use and setup.
> Sadly there is no package in CentOS.
> I checked, it is a python script. Shouldn't be a problem to port it to 
> CentOS.

Backuppc is a perl script (or a few) and not at all hard to install on 
CentOS.  The storage philosophy is a bit different between the two. 
Backuppc will hardlink and eliminate duplicate copies of files across 
target machines but a small change in a big file makes another complete 
(compressed) copy.  Rdiff-backup will only match duplicates with 
previous copies from the same place but small changes in big files are 
saved as differences.

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