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Sat Mar 29 16:10:04 UTC 2008

Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> So which do you prefer?
>>> It sounds to me as though BackupPC might be a little safer?
>>> Re installation under CentOS, having just acquired a Dell PowerEdge T105
>>> (very cheaply) as server, I've decided only to do what Dell tells me I
>>> can. I do use the Epel Fedora-like repository,
>>> so hopefully BackupPC will get in that fairly soon.
>> I can't imagine Dell telling you that you can't install a perl script.
> There is a distinction between what They say I can do,
> and what They don't say I can't do.

Do they say bad things will happen if you do something they don't say 
you can do?

>> I use/like backuppc but the advantages are mostly for backing up several
>> systems.  If you only have one or two machines to back up they are both
>> good.
> Thanks.
> I've 5 or 6 machines to backup, so I guess I'll go for BackupPC.
> I didn't find a Fedora tutorial/howto/FAQ for this program.
> Does Fedora have any official recommendation for backup?

I think there is an RPM package for fedora that would probably work but 
it relocates some of the parts so it is easier to understand if you use 
the original sourceforge version and follow the instructions.  The only 
parts that are tricky aren't really backuppc specific anyway - you need 
to set up http with password authentication and ssh keys with the 
targets and those are done the usual way.  I'd recommend not using 
mod_perl in the web server setup because you don't spend that much time 
in the web interface and without it the web server and backupp program 
can run as different users - but you need to have the perl-suidperl 
package installed.  It is a good idea to put the backup archive on its 
own disk or at least a separate partition.

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