FC8, Kernel and NetworkManager

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Thu May 1 12:23:38 UTC 2008

> What I did in the situation was that I took a look into booting process
> and noticed that NetworkManager is the cause. So I went with interactive
> boot and didn't start the NetworkManager and I actually disabled it from
> system-config-services.

If you load the ralink module by hand does your machine misbehave ? That
might let people identify which driver is the problem if any.

Also useful might be to boot with "linux 3" (text mode) and let it come
up including network manager. If there is a panic message you will then
actually get the diagnostic data that can be used.

> forever, I hate to wait for it like 5 minutes or _more_ sometimes.

5 minutes would be a bug but it may be directly connected to the first
problem ...


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