upgrade from fedora core 6 to 9

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Thu May 8 21:15:55 UTC 2008

> On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 12:48:56 -0400,
>   max bianco <maximilianbianco at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Do you see any major issues with SELinux when doing these upgrades? By
>> major issues I mean something that can't be fixed by relabeling the
>> filesystem. I upgraded from 7 to 8 and all went well but I know
>> someone recently had an issue with SELinux going from FC5 to F9(if I
>> remember correctly)the issue was resolved but apparently it was not
>> obvious that SELinux was the problem.
> I just had one going from FC5 to F9 that will probably hit you as well.
> The merge of strict and targeted policies changed some things and weren't
> handled when doing a yum upgrade directly from FC5 to F9. What happens
> is that the login to selinux user mapping and the mappings from selinux
> users to such things as prefix, mls default, mls/mcs access and selinux
> roles isn't correct. If you have done any local customization in that
> area you can just look at what it is on a fresh F9 system and use semanage
> to add the new selinux users and correct the mappings.

Makes me glad, more and more, that I turned off selinux.

Mike Burger

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