What to use for pirut??

Tom Horsley tom.horsley at att.net
Mon May 12 01:47:13 UTC 2008

On Sun, 11 May 2008 16:47:38 -0700 (PDT)
Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Pirut has been replaced by package kit:
> http://www.packagekit.org/index.html
> Package Kit Faq here:
> http://www.packagekit.org/pk-faq.html

Yea, but if package kit can really only install a single
package, and you have to run it a second time to install
another, that decision is inexplicable (I haven't tried it,
I'm just going by a report in the other thread).

I've gotten used to just using the yum command line tool.
There was such a long period of time when the XML file
for the package groups was screwed up so often in the
repos, that none of the GUI tools could ever get initialized,
so I got lots of practice with yum and just stuck with
it :-).

I always likes yumex better than pirut, but it has a persistent
problem with the GUI getting stuck unless you wave the mouse
at it - another reason I started using yum for everything.

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