Install Linux on Apple XServe (Intel processor)

Jonathan Berry berryja at
Wed May 14 16:17:42 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to install Linux on an Apple XServe and am not getting
very far.  It basically seems to be refusing to boot from the DVD-RW
install disks I have.  I have tried a CentOS 5.1 and a Fedora 8 DVD
with no success.  I also tried a System Rescue Live CD (which is a
CD-R) and it did not do anything with it either.  I did get it to boot
to an OS X install DVD, so I know it should be able to boot from the
DVD drive.  When I try to get a boot list with the Linux DVDs (holding
down Alt on bootup), it only lists the main harddrive.

Has anyone ever put (or attempted to put) Linux on an XServe?


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