Which ext2 mount daemon on XP runs well?

TNWestTex mcforum at bellsouth.net
Fri May 16 13:45:22 UTC 2008

Reik Red wrote:
> (trying again, this time without making the mistake of hijacking a thread)
> This is a bit OT, but I'm having troubles with ext2fsd (in the form of
> "ext2 volume manager") on XP.
> It works ok with just reading/writing files from XP onto my ext2/ext3 
> linux partition,
> but I use rsync to back up the linux partition to another one (external 
> drive).
>  From rsync there are seemingly endless error messages about 
> "disappearing files"
> (possibly caused by dangling symlinks), and also some sort of infinite 
> loop of links
> to my home directory. The net effect is that rsync does not work for me.
> So: Is there anything I can do about this, or are there any alternatives 
> to ext2fsd (v0.45. latest)
> that will solve my problem? Thanks.
> I checked on some of the symlinks, and in many cases they point into 
> space (but make sense on another
> computer that I use and sync with, so I do not want to delete them).
> The problem seems to be that either ext2fsd or rsync is being too nosy 
> about dangling links.
> There is no problem when booting into linux and running rsync there. I 
> have, perhaps errantly,
> concluded hat it must be ext2fsd doing something strange, such as 
> marking he symlink files as "bad"
> because they point into space. I don't see any configuration parameter 
> to change how ext2fsd handles this.
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I use EXT2IFS but only for simple file reading, writing.  Everything else is
done from Linux with ntfs-3g mounted drives.  No major problems but
occasionally get clean up messages on booting the system.

Robert McBroom
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