KDE4 FC9 taskbar dead

Mick M. off_by_1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 17 03:07:38 UTC 2008

  I have dolphin, terminal and firefox on my taskbar.
They were working just fine.
I copied a bunch of mp3 files from my portable player onto my system.
It was taking a really long time and seemed to slow the system down considerably.
We are talking more than 10 seconds for a mouse click to register.
So I unplugged the usb device.
Now when I hover my mouse over any of the taskbar icons it pops up a des
ription balloon.

But clicking on it does nothing.
It does highlight the background of the icon but does not run the app.

Going to "F" (shouldn't that be "K") and selecting "firefox" runs it.
I have logged out and back in.
I have also rebooted.

Mick M.

Death before Decaf!!!


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