Bug in Openssh ??

max maximilianbianco at gmail.com
Sun May 18 18:21:23 UTC 2008

Jim wrote:
> When trying to send a file from    to  
> scp george.txt
> It ask for password,  " mickey at's password:"   ( the problem 
> is, it should be asking for  jim at password )
But Jim is not trying to access Jim, mickey is....why should mickey have 
access to jim?The computer cannot know that they are the same person and 
it checks to see if mickey has an account, he doesn't so it fails but if 
he did I suspect then permissions would be checked to see if mickey has 
permission to access Jim, if he does fine, if not denied.
> Well "mickey" is not at  "jim" is  and if I type in "jim" 
> password it fails, The users mickey, jim have the same passwords on both 
> computers.
The same password but the accounts are different. It should fail and it 
does, this isn't a bug in my opinion.
Even if the other account is named jim and jim is accessing jim then it 
should fail because the accounts, even with the same name are unique 
unless you have something going with directory services but then likely 
you wouldn't run into this problem, you'd have one logon across your 
domain but you'd still need permissions to write to a particular 
directory on a machine or membership in a group that gives you those 


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