Build Nvidia driver for Fedora 9, AMD?

Michael Hannon jm_hannon at
Mon May 19 17:06:44 UTC 2008

>> We kickstart all of our Fedora systems so as to minimize the disruption of
>> the rapid turnover of the software, but now we have to choose between
>> securing the systems and having the systems fully functional for our end
>> users.  Not a happy situation.
> If you rather have long term support for your users (reducing the
> noise), you should really consider switching to RHEL/CentOS.

Heh.  We run Scientific Linux (SL) on most of our servers.  SL is
logically equivalent to Centos, i.e., a distribution compiled from
Redhat source.  We used to run SL on our workstations too, and I was
happy with that.  But the end users weren't: we repeatedly got
complaints that they needed a later version of MySQL or PHP or ... than
was available in SL/RH/Centos.  And other packages, such as numpy or
scipy, for instance, were very difficult to build on SL but were just a
yum away with Fedora.

I thought that SL-on-server/Fedora-with-kickstart-on-workstation
approach was a reasonable compromise.

-- Mike


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