Live USB wireless connection

Daniel Y. Zhang yozhang at
Mon May 19 17:15:18 UTC 2008

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Daniel Y. Zhang wrote:
>> BTW, I try again in the weekend to broadcast my SSID, it only works 
>> when I didn't set any security mechanisms(WEP or WPA). When I set 
>> 128-bit WEP again, the wireless failed. Should I try iwconfig 
>> something manually? I am running Fedora 9 live from a 4GB USB stick.
> It sounds like you are not providing the security key. You have to 
> configure the interface for the type of encryption you are using, and 
> give it the key. You also have to make sure you are in the managed 
> mode. The network configuration GUI can set things up for you. (You 
> can also set it up using iwconfig, but you will have to do it again 
> after a reboot.)
> Mikkel
Yes I tried network config GUI tool and use it to set up the password 
key but failed. I'll try iwconfig manually tonight to see if it's going 
to work tonight.

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