Root password changing by itself

Dr. Peter Roopnarine proopnarine at
Mon May 19 20:00:48 UTC 2008

On Monday 19 May 2008 12:52:04 pm Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> I have Fedora 5 and 6 installed on my machines. I strangely find
> > that I am often unable to login to the machine with my regular
> > password using ssh. Fortunately I have physical access to the machine,
> > which allows me to change the password back. Any idea what could be
> > the reason?

By changing the password back, you mean that your root password has actually 
been changed? If no, then you need to configure ssh to allow remote root 
login (not a good idea though). If yes, then it's almost a certainty that 
your system has been hacked. Wipe and install Fedora 8 or 9.

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