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Rick Stevens ricks at
Mon May 19 22:57:37 UTC 2008

Beartooth wrote:
> On Mon, 19 May 2008 11:46:21 -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:
>> Wait, wait.  The ISO image is on /dev/fd/0?  That's your stdin.  That
>> makes no sense to me.  I'd be leery of such a thing.
>> Use something like ktorrent or transmission to pick up the torrent and
>> tell it to save the stuff to some working directory (by default,
>> transmission will download to your home directory).  Then run sha1sum
>> against the .iso file(s):
>> 	$ cd /path/where/you/downloaded/things/to $ sha1sum
>> 	Fedora-9-x86_64-DVD.iso
>> Compare the number(s) you get against that in the SHA1SUM file in the
>> same directory as the .iso image(s).  The sha1sums should be:
>> 	50253a35b5ba128c9a57b2a10cbd829813fc5119 (32-bit DVD)
>> 	f92576227484a4eeda0e86a497836c67c34d20ef (64-bit DVD)
> 	OK, remember we were talking about two different downloads -- 
> it's four now. (I plan to abandon the first two if either #3 or #4 works.)
> 	On my #2 machine, where I have #3 download (done with gwget), I 
> have just compared the calculated sha1sum with the 32-bit one above. They 
> match.
>> Once you have the .iso file(s) and verified the sha1sums, now you can
>> futz with things.  Simply use the command I mentioned above.  
> 	I think you mean growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=/path/to/.iso 

Yes, that's the one.

> -- but that's the one too dense (in the mathematical sense) for me; I 
> don't know how to interpret what comes after Z. (I assume I just copy to 
> there.)

The "-Z" means to burn an initial session.  "-M" means merge this
session to an existing one on the media.  The special form

	-Z /dev/dvd=/path/to/.iso

means "burn an initial session to /dev/dvd and use the pre-mastered
image file at /path/to/.iso".  It's right there on the man page.

>> Once you've burned the images to DVD, you can delete the .iso files.  > 
> It's nice to have them around until you know you have good DVDs to work 
> with.
> 	Yes, I understand that part -- though I'm actually using mostly 
> DVD-RW tiill I get a good one.
>>> 	Fwiw, the Lite-On is an external DVD drive; it's plugged, not
>>> into the computer directly, but into one of the ports on my MiniView G-
>>> CSIO4U USB KVM switch -- as it has been for some time. Any chance
>>> plugging it directly into the computer would help??
>> It sure couldn't hurt.  I don't trust USB hubs or switches or long
>> cables for media I'm trying to burn where you only get one shot.  For
>> normal R/W stuff (e.g. a USB-interfaced hard drive) it's OK (even if the
>> I/O is often slower), but you only get to try to burn that DVD once. If
>> there's a buffer underrun or something, you've got a nice coaster but
>> not a usable disc.
> 	I'll do that in a minute. Meanwhile, fwiw, machine #1 finished a 
> bittorrent download. I burned it, and checked it, with Brasero. But the 
> laptop can't boot from it, either in its own drive or in the external. 
> <sigh>

You're sure it got burned using the .iso file as an image?  The most
common error is burning the .iso file as a file.  If you put the disc
into a drive (even the one you just burned it in), it SHOULD show up as
a bunch of files.  If you only see one, you burned it wrong.

> 	OK, the external drive is now plugged directly into this machine 
> (#2 machine, which has only a read-only drive of its own)), with a DVD-RW 
> disk. I'll let K3B finish calculating its md5 sum, then try to burn with 
> that. Stay tuned.
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