Fedora 9 - Slow GUI Response

Jeffrey Ross jeff at bubble.org
Wed May 28 12:19:10 UTC 2008

Manish Kathuria wrote:
> I upgrade my existing Fedora 8 x86_64 installation to Fedora 9 using yum
> successfully but I am facing some problems related to the GUI. I use
> GNOME as the desktop environment and ever since I have upgraded to
> Fedora 9, the response time of the GUI has slowed. There is an increased
> delay when the windows are refreshed and when I change from one
> workspace to another one. The applications most frequently used by me
> include evolution, firefox, open office and the gnome terminal besides a
> few others and the delay is noticeable in case of all of them.
> I am using a Core 2 Duo based Dell Vostro laptop with a 15.4" LCD and an
> Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller and
> the display resolution is set at 1280 x 800 at 24 bits. The display
> adapter has been configured to use the "intel" driver.
> Has anyone experienced a similar problem or any such issue ? Any
> comments and suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> Manish
Best I can tell you is it seems to be a problem with the Intel video 
driver, I have the same problem on my desktop machine with an Intel 
driver ( mine is an Intel 82G965).

glxgears gets me roughly 1050 fps, pretty pitiful.  Unfortunately I 
don't have a solution for you.


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