npviewer.bin segfaulting

Patrick O'Callaghan poc at
Wed Oct 15 21:10:29 UTC 2008

I'm getting frequent segfaults which crash Firefox:

Oct 12 11:04:23 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[31287]: segfault at f7042ac4 ip 6a4640 sp f4bb5dfc error 4 in[69d000+15000]
Oct 12 11:04:23 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[31288]: segfault at f71cf984 ip 10d42eb sp f3ec2f60 error 4 in[ddb000+778000]
Oct 12 17:45:04 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[2720]: segfault at f6f64030 ip 6a4640 sp ff88909c error 4 in[69d000+15000]
Oct 13 09:32:28 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[26918]: segfault at f6efb030 ip 6a4640 sp ffa21eac error 4 in[69d000+15000]
Oct 13 09:32:48 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[26946]: segfault at f6fb0030 ip 6a4640 sp ff9d6e6c error 4 in[69d000+15000]
Oct 13 10:33:25 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[27857]: segfault at f6fac030 ip 6a4640 sp ffdd126c error 4 in[69d000+15000]
Oct 14 08:50:10 bree kernel: npviewer.bin[4545]: segfault at f6f74030 ip 6a4640 sp ffd9b22c error 4 in[69d000+15000]
etc. etc. etc.

They start on Oct 12, which coincides with the last update I did (a
groupupdate of KDE from updates-testing-newkey). This is F9 on a x86_64.
I can't do far pin the segfault down to a specific page or media type. I
did a "mozilla-plugin-config -i" a couple of hours back and it hasn't
happened since, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else had
seen this.

I'll post a followup if it happens again.


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