Replace F9 Network Manager with old network initializer

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sun Oct 26 08:39:48 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 02:03 -0400, Dave Feustel wrote:
> I just got the openSUSE 11 Bible and looked immediately for info on
> NetworkManager, which I found on page 440. There is stated that NM is
> primarily for wireless, while traditional network configuration should
> be used for wired networks. Since I have a wired system, NM is
> probably not right for me.

You don't have to.  If your network is working fine, using it, then you
may as well keep on using it.  It's key feature isn't really just
wireless, but in handling using different networks (allegedly)

e.g. Now you plug into your home LAN, later you plug into someone else's
LAN, and you might use wireless, later on.  With all that you have to do
is just plug in, or get close to the wireless, and not have to select or
reconfigure anything to use the different network.

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