Claude Jones cjoneslists at
Wed Oct 29 22:04:48 UTC 2008

On Wed October 29 2008 4:12:46 pm David Hláčik wrote:
> > Well , and are you using KDE or Gnome, they both have
> > different font
> rendering ...

I use KDE. I'm just spewing opinions at this point, but, the many 
times I have brought up Gnome, I've never seen the kind of bad 
fonts you posted. What you posted is severely mangled, not just 
poor. People get into all sorts of extremely fine points about 
how they want things to look, and sometimes it just gets a bit 
foolish, in my view. But, what you're getting is not a fine 
point, it's seriously problematic - again, good luck on figuring 
it out. I'm surprised there aren't more people chiming in, but, 
that's also an indication that others aren't experiencing the 
issue, and that is usually a sign of a problem peculiar to your 
configuration or to your hardware - you say your hardware worked 
fine with Ubuntu, so, I don't think it's the hardware...
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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