Nautilus desktop filling up with fictitious icons (Fedora 9)

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Sep 1 10:06:08 UTC 2008

On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 11:05:44 +0100
Neil Bird <neil at> wrote:

>    A colleague here has had a fresh install of Fedora 9 for a while, and the 
> only remaining issue he has is that, after being logged in for a while, he 
> starts getting a an ever increasing slew of extra icons on his desktop that 
> don't match devices or actual files in ~/Desktop.
>    Now, these aren't *totally* fictitious;  it appears to be something to do 
> with a '.snapshot' directory (or it's updates) that our network filer 
> maintains on our NFS-shared home directories (containing hourly.0, .1, etc., 
> nightly.0, etc.).  I don't believe there's anything special about this 
> directory.
>    Mostly, it seems that the icons that appear seem to be dirs. and files in 
> in them (albeit skipping the 'hourly.0' level) such that the rogue icons 
> appear to be from the home directory.
>    We're not quite sure what causes this;  it may be the backup process 
> occurring (once every few hours).  He *can* force a fictional '.snapshot' to 
> appear on the desktop by inserting a USB stick.  When the stick's removed, 
> .snapshot stays when the USB icon goes.

The desktop shows the stuff in the "Desktop/" directory by default. If it
contains hourly or daily snapshot directories so will the users desktop...


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