When will Yum updates be working again?

Alan Evans ame.fedora at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 18:35:37 UTC 2008

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 9:20 AM, Bill Crawford
<billcrawford1970 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/09/2008, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net> wrote:
>> Bill Crawford wrote:
>>>> I would say it has been asked but not answered, many times.
>>> It's been answered, just not with a specific time, which is obviously
>>> what everyone wants, but ... "sometime" is still an answer.
>> You are easily satisfied.
>> If you asked what time the plane leaves,
>> and you were told "Sometime",
>> would you find that a completely acceptable answer?
> I might accept "the plane won't be leaving for a while because we have
> discovered a serious fault, and the engineers have to manually check
> each and every seat and oxygen mask for it before we can announce it
> may depart". It might not make me happy, but it's an answer.

I guess that the problem with "sometime" is not so much that it's not
specific enough, but that it's not specific *at* *all*. OK fine, my
plane wont leave on time -- should I go get a room or do you expect it
to leave soon enough that I should just stay put?

Does anybody in the know have any idea whatsoever about when updates
might again start flowing? Will it be in the next day or two, or
should we all just cool our jets until October?

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