fc8 to fc9, yum/rpm/sshd broken on shared libs.

gary artim gartim at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 21:03:01 UTC 2008

>> I could install it via a tarball, but any clue why the kernel wouldn't
>> have been updated.
>> Are you suggesting I "yum remove nspr && yum install nspr" before I
>> start the upgrade -- ie maybe my nspr is broken and is have a
>> cascading effect on the whole upgrade process?
> It's one way, but it will probably set off a cascade of other removals.
> You can reinstall them easily if they're in your cache, but
> alternatively you can run "rpm -V nspr" to verify that the package is
> correctly installed.
> And please don't top-post on this list. See the Guidelines (URL at the
> end of this message).
> poc
> ------------------------------

note that rpm fails also, with:
'error while loading shared libraries libplc4.so'

its a "chicken or the egg" problem, I need rpm to fix the problem and
are broken. Even ssh is broken on libplds4.so (all of these libraries
are part of
nspr). That's why I was saying I could try using a tarball, if my
toolchain isn't broken also.


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