off-topic callerID software for Linux

Phill phanback at
Thu Sep 4 14:08:13 UTC 2008

Phill wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a good caller ID application for Linux. I use
>> a dial-up internet connection and need something to alert me when
>> I'm receiving a call + give me caller ID info. This is probably
>> going to depend on the modem I assume, but any info would be
>> helpful. Using kubuntu at the moment. Thanks in advance.
>Are you looking for something that will handle call waiting caller
>ID, or just something that will display normal caller ID? There are
>a bunch of normal CID programs on, but I have not seen
>any call waiting CID programs...


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I believe I am looking for the call waiting caller ID. Say I'm online and my phone line is tied up with my dial-up connection. I want to know when people are trying to call me, and it would be nice to see who it is that's calling. Thanks!


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