Secrecy and user trust

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Thu Sep 4 17:37:05 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:
> I'm not sure whether *also* having the keys on other sites is so bad.
> If you take it like the GPG model - countersigning and cross-checking
> through other sources that you also trust.  If Livna, ATRPMs, and a few
> other usual repos had the same Fedora public key, you'd be more
> confident that the key you got from what you think is a real Fedora
> mirror, is the right one.

There certainly isn't anything stopping others from singing the Fedora
key (as can be seen by the number of signatures already¹.  I do wonder
how many of those folks have met with the holder of the secret part of
the Fedora key for verifying the fingerprint.

Another issue with adding signatures to the key is that rpm has no
ability to check those signatures (I'm not even sure if it imports
a key with multiple signatures properly).  Now that rpm is being more
actively developed and the lack of a key revocation feature has been
felt, maybe someone will submit some patches to add such features².


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