NFS statd fails to start

Stuart Sears stuart at
Sat Sep 6 23:48:38 UTC 2008

Paul Smith wrote:
>>> Whenever I run
>>> /sbin/service rpcbind restart
>>> I get everything OK, but Selinux pops up a message indicating:
>>> "AVC denial"
>>> After the rpcbind restart, no progress regarding nfs being able to start.
>>> Yes, I am running F9.
>> I don't run F9 -so I cannot be much help if I don't have system to look at.
>> But google "AVC denial" it has been discussed in this list before.
>> Perhaps someone who has solved this will be kind to share it that with you.
> Thanks, Aldo. I have just noticed that with Selinux set in permissive
> mode, NFS starts correctly.
> Any ideas, you or others?

we need far more information than that to be of assistance!

An 'AVC denial' is just telling you that SELinux has prevented something
from happening on your system. We'd need the actual denial message to
see what it's complaining about - click on the "Sheriff's badge" in your
system tray and tell us what it says.

Then we may know what is wrong!


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