eth0 died on reboot

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Mon Sep 8 20:00:59 UTC 2008

Dennis Kaptain wrote:
> I removed an unused pci card from my PC. After I restarted it, eth0 was dead. (no I didn't remove my network card ;-) )
> The network card is built into the motherboard.
> Using another computer, I have verified that the port on the router and the cable are both good.
> Does anybody have any ideas what I could try next?

You didn't specify which version of Fedora, but F9 is almost totally 
controlled via hal and udev.

In /etc/udev/rules.d there will be a number of *persistant* files.  
These are there to help when additional components are *added*.  They 
don't help when components are removed, or when swapping a disk into 
another system.

Boot into rescue mode and pick through the persistant files.  If your 
old card is there, remove it.

You may need to remove the existing NIC reference, because it may have 
been renumbered by the BIOS.

Any files/entries you remove this way will be rebuilt by udev/hal upon 
the next reboot.

Be very careful NOT to remove disk drive entries if you are using RAID.

Good Luck!

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