what if I reinstall?

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Fri Sep 12 23:50:00 UTC 2008

Tom Horsley wrote:
> Just curious about this with respect to the repo changes
> (and from what I hear more changes yet to come).
> Just before the repo disaster, I had to reinstall because
> my disk died.
> With the original DVD images still pointing to old repos,
> what happens if someone has to reinstall in a few weeks
> after all the planned repo changes are complete?
> Does it "just work", or will they need some manual intervention
> to get updates functioning on a system installed from
> original DVDs?
> Just curious - I'm hoping not to need to know :-).
If you are really curious I could install a system from scratch on a
Virtual Machine  and let you know the results.  Would that let you sleep
better?  :-)

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to deal with: death. -- Michael Phelps

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