Removing System Consoles from Fedora

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Tue Sep 16 04:54:17 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 11:55 -0400, Andrew Parker wrote:
> It is the virtual terminals, its nothing to do with physical access to
> the hosts.  The reasoning is that some features don't work in some
> locales, and its not being maintained any more.

I just hope that this /improvement/ is just as described - removing them
as a default, and it still being an option that we can put them back on,
if we want to.  I've certainly needed to make use of them from time to

One of the good things about *ix has been the terminals.  For instance,
we can read them as the computer boots up and shuts down.  If something
gets stuck, we can see what it was.  Unlike with Windows, where you
stare at a blank screen, waiting for it to complete, with no clue as to
what's holding things up.

And, one can switch to another terminal, and wrest control back from
something that's gone doolally.

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