32bit vs 64bit

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Wed Sep 17 01:29:53 UTC 2008

Henning Larsen writes:

> Hi
> I have 32 and 64bit pc's with f9, I believe 32bit is less troublesome,
> Is there any big loss in speed running 32bit f9 on 64bit cpu?

There's some speed penalty. Native 64 bit application benefit from having 
more 64 bit registers on the CPU.

> Is 32bit more stable than 64bit?

Define "stable". If "does a 64 bit kernel crash more often than a 32 bit 
kernel", the answer is no. 64 bit is on the parity with 32 bit when it comes 
to general stability.

Now, when it comes to non-free binary blob device drivers, the availability 
of non-free binary blobs is somewhat better for 32 bit than for 64 bit. To 
my knowledge, there is no 64 bit version of a browser Flash plugin.

If you do not need Flash, and you do not use non-free binary blob device 
drivers, 64 bit will work just as well as 32 bit.

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