Another basic networking question.

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Thu Apr 2 01:06:51 UTC 2009

Simon Slater wrote:
> 	G'day everyone,
> 		I've been working through a networking cookbook that obviously assumes
> some basic knowledge on networking ... that I don't have. So to humbly
> ask of the gurus here:
> 	When a firewall computer has 2 nics, they should be on separate
> subnets? Yes?
> 	When an ISP dynamically assigns an ip address, is it associated with
> the dsl router, eth0 where it plugs in, or the ppp0 device that does the
> communicating?
> 	So if eth1 goes to a lan and has its ip address configured in its
> ifcfg-eth1 and similarly eth0 on the wan side is configured to get its
> address from dhcp, is it the ISP's dhcp server that it needs to get the
> address from or the local dhcp server?
> 	With respect to the ip address for configuration of the dsl router
> (defaults to for this Linksys AG300), which subnet should it
> be on, the lan side or wan?
> 	Slightly more advanced: What are the pros and cons of using an ifup
> ppp0 command from the firewall computer to connect with the ISP versus
> connecting from within the dsl router itself?
> Thanks in advance.
Why do these sound like test/homework questions?


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