Interactive startup on F10. Pressing "I" doesn't work

Clark Martin cmmac at
Fri Apr 3 01:54:02 UTC 2009

Alan Evans wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
>> I find that holding the keys down can be counter-productive. I suspect
>> that the code discards the buffer contents before looking for a key
>> press and that's why 'rapid taps' as Anne puts it seems to be the only
>> method that works.
> I would have thought that the key-repeat wouldn't differ functionally
> from rapidly tapping the key.

Most computer keyboards transmit to the computer a key down and key up 
for each key.  This is true for modifiers as well (shift, control, etc). 
  The computer decides if you've held the key down long enough to repeat 
and also determines how fast to repeat the key.  Which means if the 
keyboard buffer is cleared AFTER you've pressed the key the program 
won't see the key down and therefore won't consider a key as repeating.

In normal use when the buffer is never cleared typing fast and key 
repeat would be equivalent.

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