Another basic networking question.

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Mon Apr 6 01:30:41 UTC 2009

Simon Slater wrote:

> My field of expertise is far removed from computing.  Everyone is
> ignorant, just on a different set of subjects.  I'm sure the health care

when dealing with new linux users and they make comment to their ignorance,
my reply is;

'everyone is intelligent on one subject or another.
 problem is, some are still looking for their subject.
 only with perseverance will it be found.'


peace out.



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.
help microsoft stamp out piracy - give linux to a friend today
to mess up a linux box, you need to work at it;
to mess up an ms windows box, you just need to *look at* it.
learn linux:
'Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition'
'The Linux Documentation Project'
'LDP HOWTO-index'
'fedora faqs'

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