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Fri Apr 17 17:43:00 UTC 2009

Craig White wrote:

> I would probably do preupgrade which would essentially download just
> about everything needed and then have you reboot to get it installed,
> perhaps 45 minutes to 2 hours downtime.
> It's not clear what your concern is with Oracle 11g it
> because you want to keep it online? If so, you will have to have some
> downtime regardless of the method of upgrade (i.e. DVD upgrade or
> preupgrade). Perhaps a yum upgrade would give you the least amount of
> downtime but I would think that during the time that yum is
> processing/installing, performance from the Oracle server would be
> miserable.
> If you have other concerns regarding upgrading a system with Oracle, you
> probably would want to be more specific.
> Craig

In the past, every time the Oracle server machine was upgraded, the 
process was to do a full (cold) database backup; A complete OS install; A 
complete Oracle install; then a full database restore. 

Very, very time consuming and always the question - What was missed?  It's 
not a requirement to stay online, but a real great advancement would be to 
go from 2-days to 4-hours!

Gene Poole
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