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Sat Apr 18 08:41:23 UTC 2009

Tim <ignored_mailbox at> a écrit :

> Try running the script manually, with parameters to control what it
> does.  e.g.  Presuming the script was called "controlmodem" do:
> ./controlmodem suspend
> And see if it does anything.  Likewise, try:
> ./controlmodem resume

It works, but can only be run as root and I don't know if suspend is  
run by root or by the owner of the session.

Anyway I tried to run it as a sudoer and if I can stop slmodem service  
via sudo, rmmod and modprobe refuse to be run by a sudoer (I don't  
know why), moreover, when starting slmodem tries to lock the process  
and /var/lock/subsys is only writable by root.....

> Don't forget to make the script executable.  And how and where did you
> create the script?  If you created it in the directory it lives in, or
> copied it there, it should have the right SELinux permissions to run.
> But if you created it elsewhere, and moved it, it won't.

I disabled selinux on my machine.

Thank for helping.

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