gdm black on black

Murray, WJ (Bill) bill.murray at
Fri Apr 24 19:34:02 UTC 2009

  Hello all,
         I was fiddling with the fglrx driver, trying to get 
suspend to work, and I used the ati/amd installer instead of
rpmfusion. Big mistake.
   Since then my system has been broken. I have reverted to
radeon, and fglrx from rpmfusion, but always the same symptoms:

boot starts OK, with the sun, on plymouth 
until gdm should take over and offer log in possibilites.
That step is black on black. I know it is working, because I
can log in, but even after log in the display stays black-on-black.
[I can check that I logged in via ssh] 
  I have replaced gdm/xorg/compiz/other rpms but no change.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this please?
 Sorry ....
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