Question about upgrading Fedora (from fc6 to FC10)

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Tue Apr 28 19:00:45 UTC 2009

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 04:15:07 -0700,
>   Mike Cloaked <mike.cloaked at> wrote:
>> If I had that system my inclination would not be to do an upgrade but to do
>> a clean install of F10.  Before doing so I would backup the user areas and
>> any system config files to a safe drive.  Then after installing F10 I would
> I would also recommend a fresh install at this point. However I would consider
> going right to F11. The preview release is out today and not too much is
> supposed to change before the final release.
> Most of the stuff you want to back up is in /home, /etc and /var. You might
> also be using /usr/local.

in agreement with above, and in addition, to find your configuration files,
you can use;

 'find / -anewer /root/install.log -print | sort >'

to find all files newer than when passwd was built.


 'grep "/etc/" >'
 'grep "/home/" >'
 'grep "/usr/local/" >'
 'grep "/var/" >'

granted, you will have files created with new dates that you will not want,
but you can go thru 'my.*.files' and edit them out. then you will have a
file/files to use for input to your backup.

after you edit '', or 'my.*.files' you can back up new files
you want to save with;

 'cat my.*.files | cpio -p -adm /path/to/save/to'

see: 'man cat', 'man cpio', 'man find', 'man grep', 'man sort'.

just a suggestion, you may rather use a gui backup program, either way, you
will have to eliminate non configuration files.


peace out.



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