Problem: CUPS re-writing printers.conf

Anne Wilson annew at
Sat Aug 1 14:27:27 UTC 2009

On Saturday 01 August 2009 15:10:02 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I am trying to print the CUPS Print Test Page from my laptop
> on a printer attached to another machine on my home LAN.
> But whenever I do this CUPS adds the line
> "AuthInfoRequired username,password" to /etc/cups/printers.conf
> on my laptop.
> The result is that the job is rejected;
> I read in /var/log/cups/error_log on the laptop:
> --------------------------------
> D [01/Aug/2009:03:11:08 +0100] [Job 24] Set job-printer-state-message to
> "Print file was not accepted (The printer or class is not shared!)!",

Isn't this the reason?  Is the printer marked as shared on the remote 

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