How to gut &%$#&#@ Firefox?

Patrick O'Callaghan pocallaghan at
Mon Aug 3 14:19:19 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-08-03 at 12:38 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
> The ability to disable a given language pack is so that a user could, if
> they wanted, to display the menus in English.   FWIW, I could see this
> being useful in my house.  I could temporarily disable Chinese to make
> changes to my wife's preferences without having to ask her ... What does
> this say?   :-)
> So, the only people the bug of failing to preserve settings would affect
> would be those who always want their menus in US English even though
> they are running with their LANG set to something else.....

That's quite illuminating Ed, thanks for taking the trouble to
investigate. If indeed that is the only effect, perhaps the whole issue
would go away if the "disable individual language packs" dialogue were
replaced by a "Use English for menus" preference option.


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