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Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Mon Aug 3 18:58:17 UTC 2009

Markus Kesaromous wrote:
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>> Subject: Missing smbmount
>> Hi there.
>> I'm running a Fedora 10 system with Samba 3.2.4-0.22.fc10 and I noticed that
>> smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt are missing. No man files either. Are there
>> new utilities or is this a fault in the installation packages?
>> Looking forward to hear from you guys.
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> The release versions of the kernel do not configure in smb, even though you could download the source kernel and configure smb FS, and then you would have  to install the smb package.
It's nice to be cutting edge, but Fedora has a habit of killing the old 
(working) way to do things. This is a case in point, the developers bright shiny 
machines may all use cifs instead of smb, but old servers seem not to.

> So instead of smb, you have cifs which is what is commonly used now to mount directories that are shared by windows or other samba servers.
> mount -t cifs //ipaddress/shareName /mountPoint
> It will prompt you for a password. If your windows server is indeed expecting a password, you will need to supply it. On my winXP Pro machines,
> there is no per user authentication required (yeah... very secure!!!), so
> when I am prompter for a password, I just press return. The share is mounted read/write.
A check with tcpdump shows that smb and cifs aren't really the same thing, 
smbmount works with win98se, cifs gets a connection started and then the Windows 
machine declines to continue the conversation. If you find you can't seem to 
finish a connect for mount, your Windows may only speak smb.

People with a great deal of time will chase this and swear it works, people who 
want a solution will install old Linux on a small machine and setup an NFS 
re-export or something. Life is too short to deal with people who insist things 
are the same when sniffer says they're not.

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