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Gar Nelson Gar.Nelson at
Wed Aug 5 22:34:52 UTC 2009

Found it. 
Toward the end of the blog post, how to get KDE4 desktop icons to mimic
KDE3 behavior.

There ought to be a Kitchen Sink plasmoid, since it all seems to be in
there. ;)

And apologies for the tangent highjack of the thread.  I'm done now.

Gar Nelson wrote:
> I tried a simple google search and came up empty, but I'm sure there is
> a method to change the desktop file plasmoid so it covers the entire
> desktop and behaves similar to KDE3.x.  The functionality is there, but
> IMO, I can't understand why anyone would want to.
> gilpel at wrote:
>> If this window feature has not been implemented before, it's not that
>> nobody tought about it, it's that it's plain nonsense.
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