windows XP deleted bootloader,need to reinstall it

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Thu Aug 6 18:32:25 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-08-07 at 00:44 +0530, devesh gade wrote:
> hi friends!!
> I had windows xp and fedora 9 in dual boot mode.Recently,I formatted
> my windows XP. during this process,XP had deleted the boot loader of
> fedora. I have tried to reinstall the boot loader by the installation
> cd in the rescue mode but it does not work.
> I also did a bit of googling and followed steps:
Before you did those steps did you chroot to the / point of the Linux
system installed on the disk.
At that point something like: grub-install /dev/sda
should work.
> Inserted installation cd in rescue mode and then following commands at
> the prompt:
> 1 grub 
> 2 root (hd0,0) 
> 3 setup (hd0)
> 4 exit
> 5 reboot
> However even after rebooting the grub screen does not show up at
> startup and Windows XP boots by default.
> Now,how do i get linux started??
> Or to say the least, how do i install the boot loader??
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