s skelly99 at
Sat Aug 8 06:55:51 UTC 2009

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> A note on the supposedly useless interface -- my question is, why do
> people care so much about a progress bar anyway?  When I get an update
> alert, I right-click, tell the system to install updates, and go about
> my work.  I don't care what the download speed is, since there are
> usually things I care about more like the activity I'm busy with
> already.  When the updates are done, if it's important I'll get a
> notifier about restarting my session or the system.
I just installed Fedora 11 and there are 400 updates available. I use a 
dial-up connection in a part of town
where I get an average of 2.9 kilobytes per second (bad phone lines). So 
when something is downloading that generally puts a halt on using the 
internet connection until the download is finished. I like to know what 
is being downloaded so that I can prioritize the downloads and know how 
long the internet connection will be tied up. For me feedback and 
control of the process is a good thing.

Somewhere I read that 60% of the internet connections in the USA are 
considered broadband connections. That means that 40% of us are still 
walking down the information super highway.

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