Files dragged onto desktop don't show up

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Sat Aug 8 20:30:04 UTC 2009

stan wrote:
> On Sat, 08 Aug 2009 01:31:51 -0600
> Frank Cox <theatre at> wrote:
>> I just noticed that when I drag a file out of a Nautilus window and

[excuse me frank, but i can not help. i do not have nautilus installed]

> I was going to test this, but when I did, I ran into another issue. I
> could not get the nautilus display to be anything less than full screen.
> The little + in the upper right didn't work, and no preference option
> seemed to control this.  It seems like an error, but it could just be my
> unfamiliarity with nautilus.  I am using packages from updates-testing,
> so I could also have a new package with errors.

could be familiarity error with linux windows and window icons.

window size icon had 2 states/selections;

  maximize - restore | single square - double square

by hovering mouse pointer icon to sizing button icon, you will/may note
a pop-up title of either 'maximize' or 'restore', which tells you what
state, clicking of button icon, window will change to.

if you see a single square, hover should show 'maximize' and clicking
will maximize window.

if you see a double square, hover should show 'restore' and clicking
will restore window to previous reduced size window.

if you click and there is no window size change, then 'restore' size
is at max.

click sizing icon until you see a single square. then move mouse
pointer to a window border or corner and note pointer icon changes
to a 'double head arrow'.

at this state, press and hold left mouse button and drag border/corner
inward to a new window size.



peace out.



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