can't boot fresh install

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Mon Aug 10 14:12:27 UTC 2009

Alan Evans wrote:
> Ok. Given the totality of my experience so far combined with the many
> replies I've received in this thread, I was inclined to believe that
> starting with a Mac-formatted disk was really causing me serious
> trouble.
> I really need a working system here, so i decided to save an image of
> the hard drive and start fresh. I dd'd the hard drive onto another,
> external drive in case I ever wanted it back, then I used fdisk to fix
> the apparently broken partition table. For good measure, I even
> created a dummy partition and ran mke2fs on it to assure the drive was
> in good shape.
Instead of using fdisk, use parted to create an empty partition, and
then copy your installed partition back to the drive. parted will
take care of all the little booking details so tha things should
work. It is also faster then dd because it does not need to copy the
unused parts of the partition - it understands file systems.


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