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Hi, Eduardo,

On Fri, 2009-08-14 at 11:00 -0800, Ed Landaveri wrote:
> Does anyone knows what replaces system-config-display for troubleshooting purposes?
It's supposed that Fedora does not need xorg.conf anymore (except for
expert configuration). Xserver 1.6 have dynamic configuration ability,
without any tool, even after a problem you can always remove/rename the
xorg.conf and reboot to get a "default display configuration". 

> I know you can yum install system-config-display but if Fedora left it out it means that future EL release will also. If that's the case what will be used instead to troubleshoot X problems as it was in the past releases?
To troubleshoot problems on X you will need to see the logs (as we have done) or you can also use xrandr to configure resolution/dualhead.

> I'm asking this because on RHEL 6 future RHCT/RHCE certification troubleshooting exam? What utility will be used instead of system-config-display?
I believe that, until now, nobody knows. :-)
> Thanks in advance.
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