HDA Intel sound card problem

dariusz rojewski darekr at pld-linux.org
Sat Aug 15 22:54:42 UTC 2009

2009/8/15 Fennix <cn.stefan at gmail.com>

> On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 1:33 AM, dariusz rojewski <darekr at pld-linux.org>wrote:
>> [...]
>> You could try installing gst-mixer (yum install gst-mixer) and verify the
> settings there.  For Fedora 10 from initial install until recently in Fedora
> 11 I was having no-end of trouble with Intel sound.  I saw a message here
> where someone suggested installing this program and and running it I found
> my pcm settings set to 0 (though my alsa and pulse audio controls always
> showed that my pcm channel was set to 100%).  I am not sure why I could not
> solve this with the existing pre-installed tools but you could try this...
> Best of luck,
> Fennix

Thanks, but i've already tried it. pcm is set to 100%.

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